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Eye on Spaces is a Lifestyle Management company servicing Winnipeg and surrounding areas specializing in Concierge Services and Lifestyle Management solutions as well as Floral event decor and Luxury Boxed Roses.

As professionals, we understand how hard it is to manage your busy life. We have been there and wished many times there was someone that could lend a helping hand from time to time. Juggling day time jobs and personal life is not an easy task, we know it. Jobs are becoming more and more demanding leaving little time for leisure or relaxing. This is why we decided to start Eye On Spaces, to help others, who are having hard time managing their lifestyle. We are your Lifestyle Managers.

Our combined knowledge with years of experience allows us to provide professional and efficient service to our clients.
Eye On Spaces is dedicated to maintaining confidentiality and providing superior service.

We are always striving for excellence by going above and beyond your expectations.


At Eye on Spaces we provide services that will simplify your life and add more time to your day.  We are here to improve your quality of life by taking care of tasks that are time consuming.  We believe that your time is more important than endless running around.  We will match your greatest needs with services we provide and manage every aspect of your life so that you can create unforgettable memories doing what you love.

Eye On Spaces - What’s in the name?

At Eye On Spaces we keep an Eye on your busy Life, allowing you to be more productive and fulfilled in every aspect of your Personal, Professional and Love Life. We will help you create well managed Lifestyle, that is so hard to find in today’s busy and stressful environment.  

Personal Concierge services extend from basic Assistance with Errands, Household Management, Vendor research, event decor and planning, to helping you bring back the spark into your Love Life. 

Romance Concierge specializes in creating romantic Date Nights for busy couples, one of a kind Proposals, Anniversaries and other important life events.  We set the stage for memorable moments in your life, minus the stress of planning or organizing the perfect evening.

Enchanted Luxury Boxed Roses…beautiful, elegant and sophisticated Premium Roses and artisan hand made premium chocolates in a convenient packaging.  Simplicity is the new Luxury, and you will defiantly make a lasting impression with our Roses. 

We also specialize in unique Flowerwall Decor rentals for your next event.

Eye On Spaces we will give you back more time to enjoy things that you would rather be doing or simply have more time for your family, friends or romantic partner. We make sure every moment in your life stress free and memorable.

Our goal is to take care of all the tasks and daily responsibilities that you either don’t want to or don’t have time to deal with allowing you to find that special life ingredient…TIME.

Joanna Mckee, Founder of Eye On Spaces

Joanna Mckee, Founder of Eye On Spaces

Joanna Mckee

Founder of Eye On Spaces and Enchanted Luxury Roses

Joanna immigrated to Canada at age of 15.  Leaving her family and friends behind she quickly had to adjust to the new way of living and learn how to be creative with limited English.
Throughout the years, Joanna has been very successful and proud of her many accomplishments.  She has been a busy mom of three while pursuing her professional career in the insurance industry.  Joanna also obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology at University of Manitoba and completed numerous Professional Certifications.
If anyone struggles with work – life balance, Joanna is definitely an expert in this field.  Her passion, creativity, exceptional organizational skills and outstanding customer service background have inspired her to help others that are faced with similar challenge, the struggle to find work – life balance.
Joanna truly enjoys music, art, travel, learning about different cultures and meeting interesting people. 

Clive Mckee, Co-founder of Eye On Spaces

Clive Mckee, Co-founder of Eye On Spaces


Clive Mckee

Co-Founder and CFO

Clive immigrated to Canada when he was 11  years old. He has worked for the government for over 25 years in various capacities both domestically and internationally. 
From living in the sands of North East Africa, to working with a Recruitment Company in sunny South Africa, Clive has a vast experience in listening to clients needs and understands what it takes to get the job done.
Clive’s travels have allowed him to explore many exotic parts of the world. From Central and South America, to Africa and to one of his favourite places, the Majestic city of Barcelona, Spain. During his travels he has discovered and experienced different lifestyles, culture and art, which have awaken his creativity and love for unique experiences.
In his spare time, Clive enjoys watching his favourite football team FC Barcelona.



Chief Relaxation Officer

Fiona is one of a kind special companion in the office. With her Pekingese personality she makes sure to take time for endless naps and very limited cuddling on her terms only.

Fiona is a true Hustler, she will trick you to let her out for personal breaks during business hours, only to get a treat. She loves bacon, cheese and chicken but you have to put her treats in a special place or she will not touch it.

She is a true princess, her favourite napping spots are on couch, bed and chair but preferably with a cozy blanket on top.

Fiona is a dedicated companion and guard dog. Her favourite person in the house is her mom.

We love having this bundle of cuteness around. She reminds us of how little is needed in life to be happy…


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