our current flower walls and giant flowers

Mystical Giant Peonies

Mystical Giant Peonies

These Giant Peonies are very versatile. Can be placed close together or on opposite sides, each set of 3 comes with a floor stand. Whatever suits your decor.

Height about 7 ft.


Black and White

Shaped in a letter C, just for a different look. Very elegant and classy with the two basic colours. Just White and Black.

8 ft wide and 7 ft tall


Purple Amethyst

Beautiful velvet roses, shaped in a circle. Roses can be also removed and attached to other surfaces, additional cost of installation may apply.

Wall size 10 ft x 10 ft


It’s a Tea Party

This Flower wall is still under construction but it will be perfect for any event where you would like to drift away in the Garden of English Roses.

8ft x 8 ft

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